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Pacific Glass Corporation

Dipcote digital in-glass printing solutions using ceramic inks open unlimited opportunities for creating distinctive and lasting impressions on building façades, windows and interior elements.

Dipcote digital in-glass printing solutions combine the best of two worlds: digital printing versatility and ceramic ink durability. Dipcote system uses a complete and proven glass printing solution comprised of an industrial digital printer, digital ceramic inks, and easy to use image processing software it is then printed onto the glass, dried and tempered to fuse the ink onto the glass permanently.

    Images are composed of shapes, which are composed of lines, dots, arcs, and gradients.

    Composed of many small squares of color (pixels) organized into a grid. The human eye and brain blends these squares together into a recognizable image.

    *Magnification does not adversely affect quality or clarity of vector images as much as pixel-based images.
    Digital files must be in any of the following formats: JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, AI, DXF, DWF, or PDF

    Orientation (portrait or landscape) must be specified

    Design must be a high resolution soft copy that is saved on a CD, DVD, or USB drive. Vector-based images are preferred.
    Where is the glass to be used?
    • Interior or Exterior

    What is the type of application?
    • Backsplash
    • Balustrade
    • Doors
    • Dividers / Partitions
    • Walls / Cladding
    • Canopy / Skylight
    • Enclosures

    What is the viewing distance?
    • For Interior – less than 1 meter
    • For Exterior – more than 20 meters
    • Both

    What is the viewing direction?
    • Both sides
    • Only one direction (Ex: if installed on a wall)

    Which areas are transparent and which areas are not?

    Is it a Pixel-based image, Vector-based image, or combination of both?
    Minimum glass size is 300mm x 300mm
    Maximum glass panel size is 2400mm x 3600mm

    The following will affect quality and clarity of the printed image:
    • Thickness and clearness of glass
    • Resolution or quality of digital file submitted
    • Magnification of original image or file

    Photo images as it appears on the computer screen or printed on other material such as photo paper can be never be exactly duplicated on glass
    Colors as viewed on the website may not accurately reflect true tones as when ink is actually applied.

    View Color Atlas

    View Arranged Color Atlas
    Pantone Black
    Pantone Blue
    Pantone Brown
    Pantone Green
    Pantone Orange
    Pantone Purple
    Pantone Red
    Pantone Yellow
    RAL Black
    RAL Blue
    RAL Brown
    RAL Green
    RAL Orange
    RAL Purple
    RAL Red
    RAL Yellow
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