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Pacific Glass Corporation


1. Where are PROFILES mirrors made?

2. Where are PROFILES and ready-made mirrors usually installed?

3. What causes MIRROR CORROSION?

4. What are COPPER AND LEAD FREE MIRRORS and what distinguishes them from other mirrors in the market?

5. How do you properly CLEAN MIRRORS?


1. What are the factors that affect GRAPHICOTE colours

2. What are LOW IRON GLASS and what is the ADVANTAGE of using them?

3. Does GRAPHICOTE come with a WARRANTY?


1. How much stronger is TEMPERED GLASS and when does it become necessary to temper glass?


1. How can STAINS AND FINGERMARKS on frosted glass be prevented or minimized?


1. What preparations are needed for RAUMPLUS installation?

2. For RAUMPLUS, what is the maximum panel size and number of tracks allowed?


1. What is so special about digital ceramic printing in-glass?

2. How is it different form any other digital printing on glass?

3. How long does a digital ceramic printed image last?

4. What is the best way to clean printed glass? Is it sensitive to chemicals?

5. What happens to the printed glass in extreme weather conditions?

6. What are the glass applications that digital ceramic printing can support?

7. Can you control energy efficiency and glass opacity using digital ceramic printing?

8. Can you print on Mirrors?

Pacific Glass Corporation